time lapse camerasTIME LAPSE CAMERAS WORKWJULY 2012
  • Designed, specified and ordered all parts

  • Constructed cameras to fulfill monitoring and observation needs

  • Ensured system worked throughout all weather conditions

  • Solely responsible for every aspect of project

  • Troubleshot issues arising from the circuit design


One of my solar powered time lapse rigs in position watching over the wreck of the COSTA CONCORDIA

During the initial phases of the Costa Concordia project, the need arose for a system with which to monitor the progress of such a mammoth undertaking.
The system I came up with involved Arduino activated GoPro cameras, some of which were powered by line A/C and some of which were run completely off grid. All of them, however, could be set to take photos at whatever pre-determined interval was needed. One of the main objectives of this exercise was to make the system as simple and inexpensive as possible. To accomplish this, off-the-shelf parts were used and re-purposed as much as possible to allow the system to be simple and reliable.
While the system as implemented saves the images to an SD card within the camera, I have also worked out a system using Raspberry Pi control boards to allow the system to write the images to a pair of large hard drives. In addition, the system can also be configured to upload images via a local wireless or cell network however this was not utilized in the field due to cost and requirements. These obviated the need to visit regularly the cameras to retrieve the images from the SD cards.


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